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About Us/FAQ

At Takkz we understand life happens and while your Rideshare Vehicle Inspection is on your priority list, spending hours in line for an inspection is not. This is why we created Takkz, a self serve Rideshare Vehicle Inspection that can be done anywhere, anytime and when you choose.

Have peace of mind knowing that all of our Rideshare Vehicle Inspections check ALL the mandatory guidelines on all Rideshare inspection forms and are reviewed by BAR Certified Mechanics. Place your trust in a company that ensures all vehicles are safe to drive on the road. 

It’s your inspection, your photos and you’re in control.

**We are OPEN for business during the COVID-19 crisis. You can submit your inspection 24/7.

The Answers You Need


1. Where can I find an inspection location near me?

Great question! To find an Uber Greenlight Hub or Lyft Hub location nearby to complete your Rideshare inspection you can visit the Uber or Lyft website, drive to the location, wait, have your inspection, wait, get your inspection form then upload into your account. When you go to an Uber Greenlight Hub or Lyft Hub these appointments are a first come first service basis, thus you have no idea how long you will be waiting. The hours are another issue, let’s say you already have a 9-5 job but want to drive for Uber or Lyft on the side, well all the Uber Greenlight Hub and Lyft Hub locations are only open 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM. This limits you to completing your inspection only on your lunch break. Talk about inconvenience. 


***Keep in mind all locations are closed due to COVID-19 but Takkz.com is OPEN 24/7 to submit your Rideshare inspection. 


Another idea: You can even go to a local mechanic shop such as Jiffy Lube, Firestone Auto Care or Pep Boys, but the cost can vary from location to location such as $20 to even $200 an inspection and you have to bring your own inspection form, which is another added cost to the Driver, also who owns a printer these days? Plus there is once again the wait time and social interaction.


The BEST Option-Complete your inspection right from your driveway with Takkz.com. By completing an ONLINE inspection you have the freedom to submit your content when the time works for you. With the increasing need for social distancing these days we cannot think of a better way to complete your Rideshare inspection. Not only is this the most convenient and safe way to complete your mandatory inspection-all inspections are reviewed by a BAR Certified Mechanic company that has been working alongside Uber for over 7 years. You can check them out on Uber’s Los Angeles website here https://www.uber.com/us/en/drive/los-angeles/inspections


2. What is the cost of the inspection at the Uber Greenlight Hub or Online inspection?


From the research we have found the Uber Greenlight Hub location in Mid-City and Burbank, CA is starting at $20.00. With an online inspection through Takkz.com the cost is $29.99. Keep in mind with Takkz.com you do not have to leave your house and since the Uber Greenlight Hub and Lyft locations are closed this option is perfect at this time. 

Final thoughts: If you are still deciding which route you should take for completing your mandatory Rideshare inspection for Uber or Lyft we want you to know that Takkz.com has you and your riders best interest at heart. We ensure our inspection checks every single area that is required on the inspection form. If you compare our inspection detail to other “online” companies you can tell we are thoroughly reviewing all areas of the vehicle that are required to ensure your vehicle is safe not only for yourself but for the passengers you are transporting. 


Please have peace of mind knowing that Takkz.com is not here to acquire money but to ensure we all get safely from point A to point B. We have loved ones and treat each inspection as if they are going to be driving them. 


We also encourage an online inspection approach versus going to an Uber Greenlight Hub, Lyft Hub, local mechanic shop (Jiffy Lube, Firestone Auto Care or Pep Boys) because social distancing is required these days. 


Let’s keep ourselves safe and complete your mandatory Rideshare inspection for Uber or Lyft today with Takkz.com.

Questions About Takkz.com Inspection

1. My vehicle did not pass the inspection, what is the next step?

We know this might seem like a set back, but at Takkz we want to ensure all vehicles are up to the highest standards necessary to drive on the road safely. If you receive a failed inspection form, please review the explanation as to why and instructions how to fix the problem. Once you have made the repairs/fixes needed, just re-snap your photo(s) and send to us via email. We will have one of our BAR Certified Mechanics review and reach out with the results. 

2. If I didn't pass my inspection do I have to pay again?

Rest assure you will NOT have to pay again if you fail your inspection. We understand that problems occur and our #1 priority is to ensure your vehicle gets fixed to increase the safety for all parties involved. 

3. I submitted my inspection, what is the next step?

Once your inspection is submitted and payment is received a representative from Takkz with have one of our BAR Certified Mechanics review the content. Please allow up to 48 hours from time of submission for your representative to contact you with the results. Rideshare Inspections can be submitted at anytime. The statement, "15 minutes to complete your Rideshare Inspection", pertains to the length of time to submit the inspection. Allow up to 48 hours from time of submission for review of content. A representative from Takkz will follow up within 48 hours with your results. Average response time is 4 hours.